Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year's Moment

This little story has three chapters.
Chapter One. I couple of years ago, I edited a book for fabulous intuitive counselor and life strategist, Colette Baron-Reid. It was called Messages from Spirit: The Extraordinary Powers of Oracles, Omens, and Signs and is about how we get divine guidance through symbols all around us, often found in the most mundane of places. This was a familiar concept to me as my own mother used to read tea leaves. But even if you’re not inclined toward such ideas, becoming more observant is still a way to appreciate the world around you.
Chapter Two. After an amazing year of exhilarating change, I decided there would be no heavy duty resolutions for me. But I recently came across a Mexican saying that I decided would be my words to live by in 2011. Lo bailado y lo comido nadie se lo quita. Translated, it means “What one danced and ate cannot be taken away.” I love this, and plan to make the new year one of dancing and desserts and revel in the enjoyment of them.
Chapter Three. Last night – New Year’s Eve – I decided to stay home because I knew there would be lots of fireworks; this is San Miguel de Allende and we do love our fireworks here! They terrorize my little dog Henry, and I wanted to be here to comfort him. I had a lovely evening, sharing a take-out Chinese meal and a bottle of wine with my friend, Eleanor, and then called it a night.  Before I went to bed, I made a cup of hot chocolate. (Okay, this part is a bit embarrassing: hot chocolate and an early night on New Year’s Eve?) Anyway, it wasn’t until this morning that I glanced at the cup I’d left on the table and saw the symbol left there for me.  You tell me it’s not a number 11 with an ecstatic figure dancing beside it. And it was writ large!

A Happy, Juicy New Year my friends!

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  1. I love love love the cocoa message!! Amen sister - let 2011 be about dancing and LIVING life to the fullest! Happy New Year.