Friday, November 26, 2010

First San Miguel Thanksgiving

·         Flock-of-sheep roadblock on the way there
·         Ruth and Collier’s magnificent home that they built in the country
·         Morgan and Alexis making it from Colorado, despite snow hold-up
·         Loads of fabulous Mexican Champagne-like sparkling wine

·         Eleanor’s funny grace (she said, “Grace”)
·         Yummy calabaza soup
·         Precious $9-a-bag fresh cranberries
·         Stuffing with chapolines (fried grasshoppers)
·         Yams with fresh coconut
·         Magnificent falling-off-the-bone turkey
·         Pumpkin cheesecake from El Petit Four and lemon tart from Café Rama
·         Marge’s two kinds of ice cream
·         Coyotes howling in the distance
·         Dinner table talk about snakes and why drug lords leave San Miguel alone
·         Gary’s dry wit
·         Ruth reading from her newly published story about arriving in San Miguel
·         Almost full moon guiding us home  
·         Leftovers

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